About us

Bakery Initiatives Group (BIG) is a global and independent bakery consultancy company, offering customized bakery consultancy services and turn-key bakery solutions for new bakeries and improving the overall performance of existing ones.
Whether you want to start a new bakery, or improve the performance of your existing operation, BIG deploys its 5P Profit Program to set you up towards success.

Our added value


  • Not bound to suppliers. This ensures the best solution

European bakery knowledge

  • Strategic knowledge
  • Financial knowledge
  • Technological knowledge
  • Product knowledge
  • Technical knowledge
  • Bakery Operations, Management and Organizational knowledge
  • Sales and Marketing knowledge

Full service provider (one stop shop)

  • From the initial business planning to a fully operating profitable bakery


  • More than 25 years of international experience
  • Over 100 bakery projects completed and improved all over the world


  • Size is irrelevant: Bakery Initiatives serves artisan semi-industrial and industrial bakeries
  • Location is irrelevant: Bakery Initiatives run projects in 20 countries around the world
  • Creative, adaptive engineering


  • Clear formulation of our deliverables.
  • Avoidance of clear conflicts of interest


  • 300+ specialized and senior experts on standby, ready to solve any challenge

Our Team

Head office in the Netherlands and regional offices in Nigeria, Iran, Egypt and soon opening in Ukraine, Ghana and Uganda.

Our Partners

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