Innovative Bakery Concepts

My customers love to eat something new every month!

The all-round and internationally experienced specialists of Bakery Initiatives Group travel all over the world to help you bake profit.

Total Concepts that BIG offers

  • TC1. Crustless Bread
  • TC2. Wraps
  • TC3. Pita chips
  • TC4. Pita burgers with pizza crust
  • TC5. Muffins, cupcakes, brownies
  • TC6. Milk rolls with custard and cinnamon
  • TC7. Filled croissants with a long shelf-life
  • TC8. Filled crepes
  • TC9. Luxury mini pastries
  • TC10. Frozen desserts
  • TC11. Individually wrapped pizzas
  • TC12. Frozen semi-proofed dough for maximum freshness and taste

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