Bakery Feasibility Study

Whether small or big, a bakery entrepreneur must know if the investment is sound.

The all-round and internationally experienced specialists of Bakery Initiatives Group travel all over the world to help you bake profit.

The BIG feasibility study uses the Cigar Box Method®:

    • The feasibility study is a written report based on a systematic and balanced analysis of your market and your competitiveness.
    • Using the Cigar Box Method® it makes concise cost price calculations and profit projections.
    • The Cigar Box clearly states all critical assumptions on 
    • :

P.        Price
VC.     Variable Costs
FC.      Fixed Costs
q.        quantities sold

    • The Cigar Box calculates the Breakeven Quantities needed to be profitable.
    • The BIG team helps you to decide if the project is indeed feasible, or not!

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