Bakery Engineering

Smart bakery engineering is more than routing and machine layout!

The all-round and internationally experienced specialists of Bakery Initiatives Group travel all over the world to help you bake profit.

BIG introduces Smart Engineering

Optimal capacity utilization. Machines, ovens should not stand idle. Most bakers procure today equipment with capacity they may need tomorrow. This is a waste of initial capital. Plus, idle machines increase production costs.

Smart engineering requires a clear estimate of current and future sales in pieces per day on the busiest days in the week.

P3. Services that BIG offers

  • Bakery factory lay-out
  • Engineering Services
  • Manufacturing, planning and optimization
  • Bakery mechanization and automation
  • Bakery equipment engineering and procurement
  • Utility engineering
  • Bakery installation and supervision
  • Bakery commissioning and start-up

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