My story

We started in 2004 and grew to five bakery shops. But we could not sustain quality and profitability.

We were made to understand by Bakery Initiatives Group (BIG) that we needed to centralize all bakery activities and work in a more industrial way in order to maintain quality and be profitable. We also received other expert advice and support from BIG which enabled us secure funding from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). 

BIG brought their expertise on cost control, machinable recipes, bakery engineering and advised on use of reconditioned European equipment to save cost. We invested €700,000 in a new central bakery, opened 4 more shops and are on the verge of opening 10 more across the country. Today, we are happy bakers!

Bakery business: European technology is unparalleled, even with reconditioned equipment

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